Welcome to Potamitis Publishing – the most extensive selection of quality Orthodox Children's Books – more than 190 available in English – Always Free Shipping! Today's comment is from a village close to St Albans, UK. Maria S. writes: "I’m really excited to read the additional new saints and stories behind the icons of the Panagia. Each day I learn with Nathalia and with God’s grace she understands more about our faith with these amazing stories. They touch our hearts and penetrate our souls! I want to thank you for this wonderful gift that you have share with us. May God continue to guide and bless you. With love in Christ, Maria" For delivery updates, call 410-734-2771, or email Dionysios@Potamitis.us include your order number! :-)

New! My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – JANUARY
New! My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – JANUARY
New! My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – JANUARY
New! My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – JANUARY
New! My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – JANUARY

New! My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – JANUARY

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LATEST UPDATE! October 8: October's shipped!

Expect to receive your pre-orders in the coming week.
Keep us in your prayers.

The Saints of the Church are the living seeds of Christ's teachings that sprout across the ages and grow into mighty, spiritual trees, under which we find shelter from the blizzards and storms of this world.

The Lives of the Saints inspire us to serve the Lord and live according to His Will.

We ask that you have us in your prayers so that we may complete this series in good health!

Ninety-eight pages. 9.25X7.89 inches. Laminated hardcover. 

It was printed by Orthodox families in Thessaloniki, Greece, complying with all relevant ISO norms on the best European quality paper.

As of October 8, 2021, we have published the first four volumes: For the Saints commemorated in September, the first month of the Ecclesiastical Year, January, the first month of the civil year, and June, the first month of the summer (winter for our siblings in the Southern Hemisphere :-)). The fourth volume, My Synaxarion – October, is shipped.

We are now in the final phase of the fifth month, My Synaxarion – November.  
Pre-order November.

 October is here! ⅓ of "My Synaxarion" is ready! 122 Orthodox Saints – so far!


And this is what Father S. wrote, right after receiving June:

"Dear Dionysios~

I am so looking forward to "pre-ordering" the November Volume of the Synaxarion. Your books are absolutely "Amazing"! 

We all love them very, very much-- from our young children, up through the Adults!

God Bless you for all that you accomplish for Holy Orthodoxy!

In Christ's Holy Love,

Father S. and Family"

(Father has now purchased all four months available, and so far, almost all that acquired one or more of the months returned to purchase all months available. Glory to God!)

As a service to you, our siblings in Christ, we always offer Free shipping!  

You have probably noticed that we do not usually publicize your comments, yet, since this is a new series, here is the first comment (of a paying, and tipping, customer) that just came in from NY, NY:

"Your publication -- My Synaxarion-- arrived today! I am ***very, very pleased*** with this book. I love to read the Lives of the Saints to my grandchildren. And they love hearing about the saints. 

Your book is very well bound; very colorful; the Icons are traditional. Even more, I was very PLEASED that you included the calendar dates for the many Orthodox who follow the old-style Julian calendar.

"A job well done!" 

Anxiously awaiting the next month's 'installment'!

In Christ,

Father S."

(Father has been buying our books for years, this is his first comment!)