My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER
My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER

My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – OCTOBER

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It's been almost two years since all twelve volumes of «My Synaxarion—A Saint For Every Day» were completed and are being enjoyed by Orthodox families around the globe. 

Many use it every day during their morning routine; others, as far as we know, read it after their evening prayers. Lots of families use "My Synaxarion—A Saint for Every Day" as part of their homeschooling faith curriculum. 

It helps the whole family come together with a healthy routine. It can be adapted according to the age of your kids - read the entire thing with the older kids (approximately 10 minutes a day) or less with a toddler. 

There is a saint for every day of the month, and two pages are dedicated to each one of the saints. You have the icon, the life of the Saint (adapted for children), the Apolytikion or Kontakion of the Saint, the summary with the key facts, a map, a timeline, and some fascinating biographical, historical, and geographic facts. There are no long, gory details about the martyrdoms of the saints.

 At the end of each book, you'll find a Perennial calendar. This practical feature lists more saints celebrated on each day of the month, saving you the hassle of purchasing a new calendar each year. It's a small but significant way to make your homeschooling journey more efficient and cost-effective.

There is also a Paraklesis to a central Feast or Saint of the Month; some of our readers read it once a month, others weekly, and some every day.

At the beginning of each volume, you will find the contents with the Icon of each Saint or Feast. In contrast, at the end of each volume, there is also an Alphabetical list of the Saints featured.

The combination of the Saint's life, the map, timeline, facts, and illustrations provides your family with the opportunity to place the Saint of the Day solidly in a historical and geographical frame.

October is the month of Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki. He dedicated his life to bringing people to the Church and is thus considered by many to be the Patron Saint of Catechists and Sunday School teachers.

In the second part of this volume, we have included the Supplication Service to Saint Demetrios.

In the third part we have included a perennial calendar in the third part of each of the twelve volumes, a unique feature that sets this series apart.

It's Heartwarming to see that practically all who order one or more MY SYNAXARION – A SAINT FOR EVERY DAY – A BOOK FOR EVERY MONTHvolumes of " Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – A Book for Every Month" also purchase the rest of this new series. Glory to God!

Thank you for being one of them.

Order October!

12/12 of "My Synaxarion—A Saint for EVERY Day" is Completed!

A total of 366 Days with Orthodox Saints!

"y Synaxarion—A Saint for Every Day" may be one of the best Orthodox gifts. This series is genuinely Orthodox! :-) Thank you!

Keep us in your prayers.

The Saints of the Church are the living seeds of Christ's teachings that sprout across the ages and grow into mighty, spiritual trees under which we find shelter from the blizzards and storms of this world.


As of January 4, 2023, we have published all twelve volumes:

September as it is the first month of the Ecclesiastical Year.

January is the first month of the civil year.

June is the first summer month (winter for our siblings in the Southern Hemisphere :-)).

The fourth volume, My Synaxarion – October.

My Synaxarion – November is the fifth volume,

The sixth volume, My Synaxarion – December.

The seventh volume, My Synaxarion – February!

The eighth volume, My Synaxarion – March!

The ninth volume, My Synaxarion – April!

The tenth volume, My Synaxarion – May!

The eleventh volume, My Synaxarion – July!

The twelfth volume, My Synaxarion – August!

Thank you for having us in your prayers!

Ninety-six pages. 9.25X7.89 inches. Laminated hardcover. 

It was printed by Orthodox families in Thessaloniki, Greece, on the highest-quality European paper, complying with all relevant ISO norms.

As a service to you, our siblings in Christ, we offer free shipping! Glory to God!  

Customer Reviews

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Deacon Dorotheos
Another wonderful title in the "A Saint for Every Day" series

My goal is to give a book from this series to a child during their birth month. I have never been disappointed with any of the 12 books in this series!