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90 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Hypomone
90 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Hypomone
90 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Hypomone

90 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Hypomone

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March 13/26

May 29/June 11

Learn about the Mother of the Last Orthodox Emperor, Holy Queen Hypomone, who left her palace in Serbia to become the beloved wife of the father of the last Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire.

This is "Paterikon for Kids" #90 of 109!
Glory to God! Thank you all for your prayers. May God allow us to expand even more this spiritually edifying series!

We celebrate having rounded the hundred "Paterikon for Kids" books and are now offering "Paterikon Purses" and Greek sweet treats!
Together with each Paterikon book, feel free to choose a "Paterikon Purse" 
of your liking and either a fasting or non-fasting treat.
If you want to read more to your children about this less known Saint, the Mother of the Last Emperor, maybe you should get this stunningly beautiful book:
A stunningly beautiful Orthodox book for your children!
It includes a CD so that your children can listen to the stories as you drive!
(You'll love it too!)