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Potamitis – My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – September – English
My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – SEPTEMBER
My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – SEPTEMBER
Potamitis – My Synaxarion – A Saint for Every Day – September – Greek
My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – SEPTEMBER

My Synaxarion – “A Saint for Every Day” – SEPTEMBER

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6/12 of "My Synaxarion – A Saint for EVERY Day" is ready!

So far: a total of 183 Orthodox Saints!

Keep us in your prayers.

The Saints of the Church are the living seeds of Christ's teachings that sprout across the ages and grow into mighty, spiritual trees, under which we find shelter from the blizzards and storms of this world.

The Lives of the Saints inspire us to serve the Lord and live according to His Will.

As of December 3, 2021, we have published the first six volumes: For the Saints commemorated in September, the first month of the Ecclesiastical Year, January, the first month of the civil year, and June, the first month of the summer (winter for our siblings in the Southern Hemisphere :-)). The fourth volume is My Synaxarion – October. My Synaxarion – November is the fifth volume, and we just received the sixth volume, My Synaxarion – December!

We ask that you have us in your prayers so that we may complete this series in good health!

Ninety-six pages. 9.25X7.89 inches. Laminated hardcover. 

It was printed by Orthodox families in Thessaloniki, Greece, complying with all relevant ISO norms on the best European quality paper.

As a service to you, our siblings in Christ, we always offer Free shipping!