Orthodox Coloring Books #13 - My Book of Church Feasts

Orthodox Coloring Books #13 - My Book of Church Feasts

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Have you ever thought of how beautiful it would be to be able to read the New Testament in its original language, Greek?

All our ≈200 books are also available in Greek, and most of the books in our popular "Orthodox Coloring Books" series are bilingual in English and Greek.
Several Orthodox teachers and homeschooling families are now discovering Potamitis Publishing and incorporating our books in their lessons. Glory to God! Much obliged.

With this book, your children, or you, will be able to color in the Twelve-Feasts of the Lord, and three other major ecclesiastical Feasts.
Fifteen dogmatically correct icons, The descriptions accompanying the icons present the basics of the Feast depicted in the icon.

Second Edition, with coloring guides, poster, stickers, bilingual, English/Modern Greek (we always use what we call ecclesiastical orthography).