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Hardcover #3 - Saint Christopher, includes CD
Hardcover #3 - Saint Christopher, includes CD

Hardcover #3 - Saint Christopher, includes CD

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Read the inspiring story of this Holy Great Martyr, who started his life as a savage and ended it as a sage and ultimately a venerated saint.

Coming, God willing, soon in a second edition!
Right now available in Greek.

30 full-color pages. This is one of our hardcover books; large size (A4, 8.2x11.4 inches 21x29 cm) and printed in full, vibrant color on the finest paper by Orthodox families in Greece.

Our saint΄s day, or name day, is when we honor the memory of the particular saint whose name we bear, and which in Greece is usually our grandfather΄s or grandmother΄s name as well. We give joy to our Saints when we arrange to celebrate a liturgy in our church on that day, but even more when we try and become like them in our acts and thoughts. Saint Christopher, for example, rejoices when we try to distinguish good from evil, not according to what people around us think is right, but taking as our foundation and compass the teachings of Christ through His Saints.

May 9.