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98 Paterikon for Kids - Saint John Chrysostom
98 Paterikon for Kids - Saint John Chrysostom

98 Paterikon for Kids - Saint John Chrysostom

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We celebrate the memory of Saint John Chrysostom on November 13 and January 27, and we chant his apolytikion at the end of every Divine Liturgy (except a dozen times a year, when we celebrate the Liturgies of Saint Basil the Great and that of Saint James.)

Chrysostom comes from Χρυσόστομος, which is Greek for "Golden-mouthed."

Pay attention to the prayers of the Holy Eucharist, and you'll get an idea of why we call him that.

Saint John Chrysostom is one of the wisest persons to have walked this blessed earth. His immense work has left an indelible mark on the world, especially through the Divine Liturgy that bears his name. In times of freedom, the Orthodox celebrate this Liturgy daily and always commemorate our beloved Saint John Chrysostom!

May we always be free to celebrate daily the Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom!

Saint John Chrysostom, intercede with Christ for our freedom to worship Him!

Saint John Chrysostom – Paterikon for Kids

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