6-My Prayer Book, includes CD
6-My Prayer Book, includes CD
6-My Prayer Book, includes CD

6-My Prayer Book, includes CD

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 "This book will help you unite your family in prayer!" 

This was our motto during the five years of the making of this book. And ever since its first edition in 2008, this has been the main slogan for its promotion. 
How did we know that this book would help anybody unite their family in prayer?
We used this book for four years before daring publish it.
"Daring publish it?" Yes, daring, as it had an unusual format, "too many", and dogmatically correct, illustrations, a combination of an introduction to prayer, only as many prayers as we know a family with children can, and will, use, just the most important to us festal hymns, and explanations of the prayers that make sense.

We kept the motto as the slogan because we regularly hear from other families that confirm its veracity. The most recent was about a month ago. A family in Greece contacted us, to order the entire "Paterikon for Kids" Series. As we talked, they mentioned how much benefit they've drawn from "My Prayer Book"! How much they have learned from its introduction and explanations, how it has been a center of their prayers as a family, and how the entire family feels being blessed from looking at its many and compelling illustrations. Before ending the call, the mother of the family mentioned how their copy is being kept together with tape, as it has been torn apart from being used several times a day by the entire family during the last seven years. We asked them to send it to us, and we sent them a new copy.

Here it is! Isn't it beautiful?

This is the most touching of all the feedback we've received with this ministry. This "destroyed" copy was in the hands of an Orthodox family with children during all their diurnal and nocturnal prayers as a family for seven years.

Glory to God for all things!

If you too have a similar story to share, contact Dionysios!
Call/text 410-734-2771 or write to Dionysios@Potamitis.us