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My First Series #6 - The Twelve Apostles
My First Series #6 - The Twelve Apostles

My First Series #6 - The Twelve Apostles

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When we decided to produce this simple book, we did not expect to ever get to a second edition; our prediction proved to have been inaccurate, the first edition was sold out in fewer months than the Twelve Holy Apostles! Our own kids have memorized the names and the lives of the Apostles by using this book, and they carry it with them during trips and around the office/home.

The Twelve Holy Apostles.

Read about the lives of the Twelve Apostles!

Available in English and Greek.

 Holy Apostles whose memory we commemorate in November:

Apostle Matthew, November 16th.

Apostle Andrew, November 30th.

Holy Apostles whose memory we commemorate in October:

Apostle Thomas, October 6th.

Apostle James, son of Alphaius, October 9th.