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34 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Mary Magdalene
34 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Mary Magdalene

34 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Mary Magdalene

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July 22 - (August 4 OC).
Unless you've grown up enjoying after-Easter-chocolate-special offers, dying the eggs red is a new thing to you. So, where did we get this tradition? None less than the Holy Myrrhbearer, the Equal-to-the-Apostles, Saint Mary Magdalene.

Don't just dye the eggs! Know why you do that! Learn the true story!

One interesting thing happened as soon as this Paterikon #34 was out; we got a call from a village the Saint had visited on her way to Rome. It was a chanter from that village's parish, and he ordered five hundred copies, one for each inhabitant of the town and those from a couple of neighboring villages.

Available in English and Greek.

May 21, 2022: The English version is being printed in a sixth edition, please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

"Saint Mary Magdalene" is "Paterikon for Kids" #34 of 112!
Glory to God! Thank you all for your love!
An excellent little Paschal gift for your Sunday School children!
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