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33 Paterikon for Kids - Holy Week
33 Paterikon for Kids - Holy Week
33 Paterikon for Kids - Holy Week

33 Paterikon for Kids - Holy Week

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Following the many and important events of the Holy Week through the Holy Services at Church can be confusing.
With this easy-to-carry-with-you book, your kids will know the fundamentals, and they will love the dogmatically correct Orthodox illustrations.

Available in English and Greek.

This is "Paterikon for Kids" #33 of 109!
Glory to God! Thank you all for your love!
An excellent little Paschal gift for your Sunday School children!
Free Shipping! Free Pouch! Free Treat!

We celebrate having rounded the hundred "Paterikon for Kids" books and are now offering "Paterikon Purses" and Greek sweet treats!
Together with each Paterikon book, feel free to choose a "Paterikon Purse" 
of your liking and either a fasting or non-fasting treat.