28 Paterikon for Kids - Saint George
28 Paterikon for Kids - Saint George
28 Paterikon for Kids - Saint George

28 Paterikon for Kids - Saint George

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Great Holy Martyr George the Trophy-Bearer is one of our kids' favorite. We've come to find out that they love him so much because of defeating the dragon. When they found out who he was and what an important role he's played in the lives of other Saints, such as Saint Alexandra, they get to love him even more. The fact that Dionysios' great-grandfather was a priest named after this Saint and that he's been miraculous in our own lives makes him even more special to our family and us. We hope and pray that you and your children will get to know him. If you've got younger kids, you might also want to read them one of our other books on Saint George, namely, "Saint George and the Dragon," and for little older children, "My Warrior Saints."

Order them together, and save 10%.

We commemorate his memory on:

November 3rd and April 23rd.

This is "Paterikon for Kids" #28 of 105!
Glory to God! Thank you all for your love!

An excellent little Paschal gift for your Sunday School children!

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