22 Paterikon for Kids - Saint Lydia
22 Paterikon for Kids - Saint Lydia
22 Paterikon for Kids - Saint Lydia

22 Paterikon for Kids - Saint Lydia

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May 20 - 
Saint Lydia was the first woman to be baptized in Europe. Our children need to know about her life. This illustrated book will help them learn what they need to know about this hard-working, innovative, and wealthy European woman.

Christ is risen!
What better way to commemorate Saint Lydia and all our Saint than by teaching our children that earning your livelihood honorably and being wealthy employing hard work is a virtue!

Let us teach the children to earn honorably their living. If they need something, they have to buy it!

This beautifully and dogmatically correct illustrated little book only costs US$3.95, including shipping, "Paterikon Purse," and a Greek sweet treat!

Fifth Edition!

Also available in Greek and Romanian!

This is "Paterikon for Kids" #22 of 105!
Glory to God! Thank you all for your love!

We celebrate having rounded the hundred "Paterikon for Kids" books and are now offering "Paterikon Purses" and Greek sweet treats!
Together with each Paterikon book, feel free to choose a "Paterikon Purse" 
of your liking and either a fasting or non-fasting treat.

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Nobody holds the permission for any form of public reading. If your Sunday School reads this, or any other of our books, to your children, please, inform them discreetly that they have no blessing to do that.