The Orthodox Bookmobile



Seven years ago, Basileios and I, Dionysios, traveled with our good friends to Libertyville, IL, for the glorification feast of Saint Mardarije of Libertyville.

On the way there, our friend Rajko said, "With all the Potamitis' books in here, this is not just an automobile—it's 'The Orthodox Bookmobile!'" And this is how the Orthodox Bookmobile was born, on the road between two Orthodox Monasteries: Saint John Chrysostom's in Kenosha, MI, and Saint Sava's in Libertyville, IL.

Since then, Basileios and I have roamed the country in a vehicle provided by God's Grace and Providence every summer. Again this summer, The Orthodox Bookmobile is going on the road, and we are crossing the Missouri-Kansas state line heading to the West Coast.

Are you and your parish located anywhere in Continental North America and north of the border with Mexico? Does your parish have families with children? Would you like to see our beautiful collection of more than 200 books for Orthodox children? Send an email to or call/text 410-734-2771.

By God's Grace, we started our journey on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, by visiting a parish founded by Saint Mardarije in Overland Park, KS. It was a heartwarming experience to meet people who not only know of our work but also share our love for Christ.  Many thanks to Brother Mark and his wife for holding the door open literally, and special thanks to our sister in Christ, Erin, for facilitating this. Glory to God!

UPDATE: On Friday, we visited the Holy Archangel Michael and All Angels Skete,  28650 105th Street, Weatherby, MO 64497. It was as inspiring to see the Abbot and those with him as it was when Basileios and I first met them seven years ago. Glory to God! Starting tomorrow, at the Skete, you will be able to find a part of the "Paterikon for Kids" series.

UPDATE: Father Sasha invited us to visit his parish, "All Holy Spirit Greek Orthodox Church," 450 South 193rd Street, Elkhorn, NE 68022-2829, for the Great Feast of the Pentecost. How passing is it to be warmly invited to a parish dedicated to the Holy Spirit for the Feast of the Pentecost? Are you in the area? Will you be there?

Come for the Liturgy and later see us and "My Synaxarion—A Saint for Every Day" and all other books.

June 30-July 4, we will be in San Diego County, CA.

P.S. No parish/monastery/Orthodox bookstore is too small or too far off the Interstate for us to visit!

 Shall we come to your parish?

Send an email to or call/text 410-734-2771.