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Did you know?

Did you know that "Potamitis Publishing -  Orthodox Children's Books" was established in 2007?

Did you know that "Potamitis Publishing -  Orthodox Children's Books" is the first ministry ever to be dedicated exclusively to the production of dogmatically correct, and artistically sound books and materials in English?

Did you know that our ambitious plan was/is to publish at least one book every month? What do you think, has God allowed us to achieve this goal? 

Did you know that "Potamitis Publishing -  Orthodox Children's Books" was the first Orthodox children's ministry to do giveaways? (Well, of course, that's an easy first, since it's the first ministry ever dedicated exclusively to publishing Orthodox Books for children in English, or any other language for that matter!) Here is another giveaway! How many books has "Potamitis Publishing -  Orthodox Children's Bookspublished so far? (In English). Send your answer to:

Did you know that thanks to God's grace and the kind help of fellow Orthodox, we do not charge shipping within the US? Yes, that's right, It's FREE SHIPPING within the US.

How do we ship? Media Mail, USPS. If you need the books delivered on a certain date, let us know, and for a small fee, you'll get them, God-willing, when you need them.