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Hardcover #12 - My Holy Queens and Princesses
Hardcover #12 - My Holy Queens and Princesses
Hardcover #12 - My Holy Queens and Princesses

Hardcover #12 - My Holy Queens and Princesses

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Update December 14, 2021.
Please, notice that delivery of this book before December 25 is not guaranteed.

Our Holy Queens and Princesses book has been so much more popular than anticipated! Glory to God, and thank you so much!
US Customs in NY are overwhelmed – Prayers always help and are highly appreciated.

Orthodox families printed it in Saint  Demetrios, Greece.

Order it now!

A beautiful book about the only True Heroes, Saints who were martyred for Christ! Seventy-two full-color pages, including troparia of these wonderful Saints, courtesy of Transfiguration Monastery, MA, USA. Now with an Audio CD!

All "Illustrated Lives of the Saints" are hardcover books, large size (A4, 8.2x11.4 inches 21x29 cm), printed in full, vibrant color on the finest Greek/European paper in Greece.

Introduce the children in your life to extraordinary moments from the lives and miracles of the Saints, the only true heroes!

"My Holy Queens and Princesses" is one of the most beautiful Orthodox books for your children.

You've never held in your hands an Orthodox book more lavishly illustrated.

Your daughter needs this! And so does your son!

One hundred twelve pages 11.81X8.27 inches, hardcover, includes an audio CD. 

One of the first Orthodox moms to get this book, B.B., wrote to us:

"We love this book (and My Warrior Saints)!"

"If you are thinking, I only have boys, why would I want a Queens and Princesses book? Let me say you need it! My eight year-old-son is loving his copy; the text is so well written. The pictures are beautiful. And it even comes with a CD for those times when they want someone to read to them (even though they can read for themselves). He got so excited when he turned to the end of the book to see that there would be a volume 2!"

Holy Queens and Princesses featured in volume 1:

  1. Saint Alexandra (April 21)
  2. Saint Drosis (March 22)
  3. Saint Helen (May 21)
  4. Saint Theodora (February 11 and on the First Sunday of Great Lent, the Sunday of Orthodoxy)
  5. Saint Melangell (January 31 and May 27)
  6. Saint Tamara (May 1)
  7. Saint Olga (July 11)
  8. Righteous Esther (Sunday before Christmas)
  9. Saint Ludmila (September 16)
  10. Saint Barbara (December 4)
  11. Saint Bathilda (January 30) 
  12. Saint Hypomone (March 13 and May 29)

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