57 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Paraskevi
57 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Paraskevi
57 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Paraskevi

57 - Paterikon for Kids - Saint Paraskevi

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We commemorate Saint Paraskevi on July 26/ OC August 8.

Her holy relics are kept and venerated at various monasteries and churches, mostly in mainland Greece.

Saint Paraskevi is a very popular Saint throughout the entire world. She is a renowned miracle-working Saint, well-known for healing all who ask for her intercessions, especially those suffering eye ailments.

Have you noticed how it is not unusual to meet at a Greek church with ladies named after saints martyred in the first centuries of the Church?
Saints Kalliopi, Paraskevi, Marina, Dorothy, BarbaraJulitta, Thekla, Sophia, and Kyriake are some holy martyrs of the first centuries of the persecutions who wisely chose to give their life rather than bow down to lifeless idols.

Did you know that Greeks traditionally dedicate their children to the patron saints of their parents? Therefore, you often will meet Greek grandchildren sharing their grandparents' name/patron saint. So, next time you meet a yiayia named Paraskevi, it could be that both her grandmother and her granddaughter are named after Holy Martyr Paraskevi.

Now in a fourth edition!

Available in English and Greek.

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