Paterikon Cube

Paterikon Cube

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Wouldn't you like to have all your Paterikon books gathered at one place? Or two? Or four?

Get the Paterikon Cube!

The Paterikon Cube was designed by Basileios Potamitis. When we received the first batch, I tried to put it together, it felt nice to see my oldest son, a fifteen-year-old at the time, feeling more clever than his dad! I'm not sure about how happy he was to realize that his dad could not put together something as simple as his son's cube.

Well, if you, like me, have a difficulty putting the Cube together, Basileios finally listened to me and shot a short video. 

Glory to God for kids that take after the smarter of the two parents, in Basileios' case that's his mom! :-)

Have us in your prayers!

In Christ,