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56 - Paterikon for Kids - The Voyage of Saint Brendan
56 - Paterikon for Kids - The Voyage of Saint Brendan
56 - Paterikon for Kids - The Voyage of Saint Brendan

56 - Paterikon for Kids - The Voyage of Saint Brendan

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May 16 - 
The Orthodox Saint Brendan of Ireland is considered the Patron Saint of shipowners and divers.

The information for this book was taken from the renowned ancient book The Voyage of Saint Brendan.

In 1976 British historian and explorer Tim Severin, wanting to corroborate The Voyage of Saint Brendan's historical authenticity, built a precise replica of Saint Brendan’s ship. Once completed, he and a crew embarked on the same route that the Saint had traveled. They sailed from Ireland to Peckford Island in Newfoundland and Canada, with stops at the Isle of Man and Iceland, just as the Saint had done. After this successful mission, he wrote a book that records the absolute authenticity of everything described in the book of Saint Brendan. Tim Severin’s book became very popular and was translated into 16 languages.

Second Edition!
Fifth Greek edition!
Available in six more languages.

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