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40 - Paterikon for Kids - The Holy Forty Martyrs
40 - Paterikon for Kids - The Holy Forty Martyrs

40 - Paterikon for Kids - The Holy Forty Martyrs

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March 9.

#40 of the "Paterikon for Kids" Series is our boys' favorite. You must see it, and you'll understand why!

Excerpt: "When they were given another chance to renounce Christ and save their lives, all as one, they answered boldly:

"Indeed, we serve the Emperor with all our abilities and bodily strength;

our souls, however, belong only to Our Lord and Savior Christ." 

The soldiers were then..." Read the rest in "Paterikon for Kids #40."

This is "Paterikon for Kids" #40 of 105!
Glory to God!
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