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Orthodox Women Saints - a unique collection!
Orthodox Women Saints - a unique collection!

Orthodox Women Saints - a unique collection!

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"Orthodox Women Saints" is a collection of books that is as unique as our Faith.

Right now, this package includes the following books:

My Holy Queens and Princesses, with CD.

These are the Saints included in the first volume of "My Holy Queens and Princesses".

Saint Catherine is currently NOT included. It is getting ready for a new edition.

These books from our popular "Paterikon for Kids":

#22 Saint Lydia,

#24 Saint Sophia of Thrace

#25 Saint Mary of Egypt

#34 Saint Mary Magdalene

#35 The Holy Myrrhbearers

#36 Saint Sophia of Kleisoura

#39 Saint Helen and the Finding of the Holy Cross

#46 Saint Chryse the New-Martyr

#48 Saint Sophia and her three daughters

#51 Saint Xenia of Petersburg

#54 Saint Kyriaki

#55 Saint Marina

#57 Saint Paraskevi

#61 Saint Genevieve

#64 Saint Kalliopi

#68 Saint Philothei

#71 Saint Glykeria

#81 Saint Anna

#86 Saint Dorothy

#90 Saint Hypomone

#92 Saint Emmelia

#94 Saint Kyrikos and Ioullita

#97 Saint Irene Chrysovalantou

#101 Saint Markella

#103 Saint Barbara

#104 Saint Juliana of Lazarevo

#106 Saint Thekla