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Welcome dear in Christ, to the Orthodox Kids' Corner, a ministry of the Potamitis Publishing.

Here you will find our copyrighted lesson plans which supplement our more than one hundred and seventy "Potamitis Publishing - Orthodox Children's Books."

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Our family has been producing materials for Orthodox children and their families since 2007. This ministry is the source of livelihood of our family of eight members, plus pets. :-)  If you wish to see more of these beautiful and highly edifying materials pray that God may guide you to help us. 

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Orthodox Kids' Corner - Lesson plan for Great Lent - Sunday of the Cross

Orthodox Kids' Corner - Lesson plan for Paterikon #89 - Saint Raphael of Brooklyn - Fr. Nicola Yanney of Kearney, Nebraska


Orthodox Kids' Corner - Lesson plan for Paterikon #21 - Saint John the Forerunner and Baptist of Christ