Become Our Ambassador

Become an Ambassador of Potamitis Publishing Books!

Suppose you love our books and think that they are exceptional resources for orthodox children and their parents to learn about the Saints, the Church Feasts, the Prayer, and more. In that case, you can now assist us by helping other families and parishes discover our books!

There are benefits as well as requirements/duties in being our ambassador.

To become our ambassador, you must be orthodox, 18+, live in the US and have an active IG account with at least 500 followers.

Your ambassadorship will last 3 months unless renewed.

The ambassador will receive one FREE book of our choice per month.

The ambassador will receive10% discount code for personal use.

The ambassador will receive a 5% discount code for their followers.

The ambassador has to post a review( 100+ words) at the latest 7 days after receiving the book.

The ambassador has to provide 5 high-resolution images with the book.

The ambassador has to provide a video of the unboxing of the book at the latest 2 days after receiving it.

The ambassador is to refrain from advertising or sharing products and books by other companies/publishing houses during the time of their ambassadorship.

For more details, read the application form in our bio.
To apply, fill out the form.
Application time is due ⅓

We will DM you if your ambassadorship is confirmed on 25-2-2024