Orthodox Kids' Corner - Great Lent - Sunday of the Cross

"Orthodox Kids' Corner" a Potamitis Publishing ministry for the youngest of the church!

Sunday of the Holy Cross! An invisible threat keeps us and our children away from the most important part of life, the Divine Liturgy! How do you celebrate the memory of this writer of the Church? This compendium provides activities and a frame for your children to enjoy learning about the ecclesiastical celebration of the Holy and Life-Giving Cross! 

Use this compendium and create an edifying memory of this Third Sunday of Lent.

Enjoy the free activities, please, respect that all materials are copyrighted by the Potamitis Publishing - Orthodox Children's Books, which has never given a blessing for any of its materials to be used in other compendiums/books, on the internet, etc.

If your family enjoyed any of these materials, share the link to www.potamitis.us and not directly to the file. Many of you send us emails with your very encouraging and kind comments, yet, it would be of greater benefit if you wrote your comments under the materials that you used. Click here, if you would like to support this ministry, the first ever to be dedicated entirely to the production of quality, dogmatically correct books, and other materials in English. Currently our books in English are more than 170 and many of them are published in seventeen more languages.



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