Orthodox Kids' Corner - Great Lent - Sunday of St. John Climacus

Sunday of St. John Climacus! An invisible threat keeps us and our children away from the most important part of life, the Divine Liturgy! How do you celebrate the memory of this writer of the Church? This compendium provides activities and a frame for your children to enjoy learning about the ecclesiastical celebration of an Orthodox writer and his guidebook to Heaven! 

Use this compendium and create an edifying memory of this Fourth Sunday of Lent.



"What does Climacus mean? You know the word "Climax," right? Well, it originates from the Greek, Κλῖμαξ, which in Greek simply means "ladder!" How come his name is not Klimax, or Climax, but it's Climacus? Well, the culprit is Latin. In Greek Saint John of the Ladder is Ἅγιος Ἰωάννης τῆς Κλίμακος, Klimakos is Klimax in the genitive, and in Latin all Greek names with an ending -os have had it changed into -us. If you wonder why the Greek K turned into C in Latin, well, Latin does have a K but, for some reason that I don't know, dropped its use and C took its place. Maybe K looked too Greek to the ancient Romans. Who knows? Do you?
If you do write to me: dionysios@potamitis.us 

There you go! 

One last thing!
Since 2007 our entire life is dedicated to serving this ministry, which is also our livelihood, we are a family of eight, plus pets. Use this for your family, (if you can) pray for us, respect our copyright, and join our email list and be in the know of new materials and books, share the link to our website www.potamitis.us. Shall you?
Thank you.
In Christ, Dionysios (not Dionysius :-) )

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  • We carry your books in our bookstore. We have enjoyed them for many years.
    Thank you for making beautiful Orthodox materials for all ages.

    Becky Butler

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