BIG Giveaway! Arizona Only!

A Giveaway like no other! 

Dear friends of Potamitis Publishing, 

Are you/will you be at the great state of Arizona between April 13 and April 20?

Then we are VERY happy to announce to you our newest Giveaway, with a prize, that is truly priceless:  

1 Complete “Paterikon for Kids” Set!😍

105 (😮One Hundred and Five😮) books with stories from the Bible and the Lives of the Saints, plus, our BEAUTIFUL Paterikon Stadium Display! This beloved package is a small Orthodox library for children!

To participate in this Giveaway, we have a very special request:

Send us a photo that captures the essence of the great state of Arizona, the state of the late, beloved Geronta Ephraim. 

It can be a photo of anything that will let us know you are in Arizona: a photo at the entrance of a rustic Arizona ghost-town, or at the feet of the Lost Dutchman State Park! It can even be a picture of a Saguaro cactus!

After you take a picture that you think represents Arizona in an iconic way, send it to us at:

The winner of this Giveaway will be announced on April 21, on our Webstore, and at our pages at Facebook and Instagram, and we will contact him/her via email to let us know where to send this most beautiful Orthodox Children’s Books Collection.

We are waiting for you pictures!

Here are some of ours:

1. Breathtaking view of mountains from Tucson, AZ.



2. Quiet morning, near the Morris K. Udall Park, in Tucson, AZ



3. Steep cliffs, near the Snow Canyon State Park.



4. And last, a beautiful Saguaro cactus!


-In Christ,

the Potamitis family


For any additional info:

Call/text Dionysios, US 410-734-2771,

or write to 


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