May we all have a joyful Cheesefare Week!


The Lord has blessed the month of July with a richness of different fruits - a joy to our eyes and a nature’s medicine cabinet to our bodies. He did not forget our spiritual needs as well by filling the days of July with wondrous saints of older as well as of newer times. On the seventh day of this month we remember, celebrate and ask for the intercessions of Saint Kyriake, a saint venerated by all orthodox nations.
Our Box of Saints, Paterikon For Kids, lists Saint Kyriake as #54.
“After some years, Dorotheos and Eusebia were blessed with a sweet baby daughter. As she was born on a Sunday, the day of the Lord, they named her Kyriake - Sunday in Greek  - and which in Greek literally means “the Lord’s”.
From this fully illustrated little book your child will learn the story of Saint Kyriake’s life and her devotion to Christ, when and where she lived, who were her parents and their significance to their Christian community. They will surely be inspired by Saint Kyriake’s adamant faith and her last moments. 
The story is told in a gentle way,  suitable even for younger children.
Orthodox Kids' Corner - Paterikon for Kids #54 - Saint Kyriake 
Enjoy the book and help your child learn about the Saints! 
O virgin martyr, Kyriake, you were a worthy sacrifice when you offered your pure soul to God; wherefore Christ has glorified you, and through you pours forth graces abundantly on all the faithful, for He is the merciful, loving God!
What to ask younger children:
1. What was the name of the Saint? (Do you know someone who is called Kyriake?)
2. Why was she named Kyriake? (Do you remember the days of the week? On which day were you born?)
3. Were Saint Kyriake’s parents Christians or idolaters?(Christians)
4. Did she learn about Christ as a child or later? (As a child)
5. What happened when she grew up? (One wealthy idolater saw her, fell in love with her and wanted to marry her.)
6. Whom did she choose - a wealthy suitor or Christ? (Christ)
7. What did she sacrifice for her faith in Christ? (Her life.)
Get a free coloring page here.
What to ask older children:
1. What was the name of the Saint?(Saint Kyriake)
2. What were the names of Saint Kyriake’s parents? (Eusebia and Dorotheos)
3. How did they contribute to other Christians in their neighborhood? (Other Christians would often gather in their house to secretly worship Christ.)
4. Did they have many children? (For many years they were childless and prayed to the Lord to entrust them with a baby. Their wish was finally granted and Saint Kyriake was born.)
5. What city was Saint Kyriake from? (Nicomedia)
6. What happened one day when Saint Kyriake was going down the street with her daily errands? (She met a wealthy idolater who wanted to marry her.)
7. What did Saint Kyriake answered the wealthy suitor? (That she belonged to Christ and therefore could not marry him.)
8. What happened then? Tell with your own words. (The suitor got angry and the authorities were informed about the Saint’s apostasy from the idolatry. Kyriake was sentenced to death for her faith in Christ.)
Bonus/Optional: Speak more about Nicomedia of that time. Ask them if they remember other saints associated with it?
Nicomedia was an Ancient Greek city in Asia Minor. In 286 Diocletian made it the capital of the Eastern part of the Roman Empire. It remained the most important eastern city until Saint Constantine built a new Capital - Constantinople. Many saints are associated with Nicomedia - Saint George, Saint Alexandra, Saint Drosis, Saint Panteleimon. After the ottoman occupation Nicomedia was renamed into Izmit. 
 Get free activities about Saint Kyriake here.

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