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Fr. Nicola Yanney of Kearney, Nebraska.

There is lately quite a lot of information on the internet about a remarkable figure in the Orthodox world of the Northern Hemisphere of the Americas, and most probably a future saint, Father Nicola Yanney of Nebraska.
What a brilliant opportunity this is for our children to learn about this kind-hearted servant of God, while we're waiting for his official recognition as a saint! 
Here we have a book published last year for the 100th anniversary of the repose of Fr. Nicola by request of the parish of Saint George in Kearney, Nebraska, that once was the parish of Fr. Nicola Yanney!
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The book is about Saint Raphael of Brooklyn, but a whole spread is dedicated to Fr. Nicola, as he was Saint Raphael’s faithful follower and the first priest ever ordained by Saint Raphael.
     This Yanney’s family picture is from appr. 1901                                                                   
Click on the picture above to download the free activity booklet.
  •  Fr. Nicola Yanney was born in 1873 in Lebanon. At the age of nineteen, he married a Lebanese girl Martha. Soon they immigrated to Nebraska, had four children, and lived on a farm in Gibbon.
  • In 1904 Saint Raphael of Brooklyn ordained him a priest. This was Saint Raphael’s first priestly ordination. 
  • At the age of 29 Father Nicola became a widower and had to raise his four children all by himself.
  • In 1904 they moved from Gibbon to Kearney to serve at the church of Saint George. He continued the missionary work of Saint Raphael in the Midwest. His parishioners were spread in almost all of the midwestern states, in Nebraska, Kansas, Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and the Dakotas.
  • Fr. Nicola Yanney died in 1918 during the outbreak of the Spanish Flue while selflessly caring for his sick parishioners and bringing the Holy Communion to their homes.
 Print a free activity booklet about Fr. Nicola Yanney for your children here.
Saint Raphael of Brooklyn_Fr. Nicola Yanney

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